Play possible only by booking through BRS.


Guidance for outdoor sports and recreation activities have been issued by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture. In line with these conditions, we have undertaken a number of risk assessments to ensure compliance.




• All players must follow the Isle of Man Government rules concerning social distancing and maintain a distance of 2 metres between themselves and other people they encounter at the club.

• Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitiser when running water is not available.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible.

• If you cough or sneeze do so into a disposable tissue or the crook of your arm so as to avoid spreading germs.

• Individuals deemed to be vulnerable due to health conditions should refrain from involving themselves in group activities at this time and continue to exercise or participate as an individual.



Clubhouse and Locker rooms

• Clubhouse must remain closed.

• Locker rooms must remain closed.

• On-course toilet will also remain closed due to the Club being unable to provide regular cleaning of all surfaces between the hours of 6am and 8pm



Who can play the course?

• Fully paid up members only. Please contact the Club on 812244 if you want to renew your subscription, or join as a new member.



Tee Time Restrictions

• You can only play if you have a booked tee time (Bookings can be made on BRS up to 72 hours in advance).

• You can play individually or with a maximum of 3 other members of the Club.

• If you see that a member is down on BRS on their own, don’t assume they want company, please check with them first as they could be classed as vulnerable and may not feel safe playing with others.

• Under no circumstances is play allowed outside of the booking hours and without booking.




• Only use your own golf equipment; if it does not belong to you, do not touch it eg tees or balls you may find on the course.



Arrival at the Club

• You must not arrive at the course more than 10-minutes before your allotted tee time. If you arrive early, remain in your car until 10-minutes before your tee time.

• Players must change in the car park and have their equipment with them. The Clubhouse and locker rooms will remain closed until further notice. (If you still have equipment in the lockers rooms, please call the office on 812244 to arrange collection).



Play on the course

• Play is only available from the 1st tee only.

• DO NOT enter the course or play from any other access point on the course.

• Scorecards will not be available.

• Rules of etiquette must apply. If you are holding up the player/s behind, you let them through whilst maintaining social distancing.

• Single use of golf buggies will be allowed subject to sanitising between uses by your club.

• On completion of your round, use the hand sanitiser and please do not delay your departure from the club facilities







 Ramsey Golf Club Brookfield Ramsey Isle of Man British Isles IM8 2AH



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