Known better as the Ramsey Town Cup it is arguably the most prestigious and certainly the oldest, club golf trophy on the Island. A beautiful cup acquired by members of the Ramsey Town Commissioners in 1902 for 30 guineas it was presented to the Club for annual competition.


Mr HC Kerruish, vice-Chairman of the Commissioners at that time describes in a letter to the Editor of the Ramsey Courier dated August 17, 1934 how it came about:


“The original idea started one afternoon when Mr PMC Kermode (then Chairman) invited the Commissioners to tea at his residence ‘Hillside’ where he unfolded a large banner, a black Raven on a red background with the motto ’Wake Up Ramsey’, for at that time Mr Kermode was very anxious for the progress of Ramsey in the catering for visitors and making the town more attractive.


He then spoke of his idea to provide a challenge cup to be played for annually on the Ramsey Golf Links. The members of the Commissioners present guaranteed the sum of one guinea each toward the cost. Some of the members undertook to give two guineas themselves and to raise some money from their friends and in such manner the sum of £35 was raised and the cup purchased.


The inaugural 'Town Cup'


Report from the Ramsey Courier 30.08.1902


The Ramsey (Isle of Man) Golf Club are to be congratulated for having inaugurated an amateur tournament for their handsome Town Cup of the value of 35 guineas. This trophy, which is in the form of a large bowl, is in solid silver, of a very chaste design and is the gift of the town.


The Town Commissioners, recognising that golf is not only a game but a decided attraction to their town, came forward in a most generous manner and subscribed towards the object liberally, with the result that an annual tournament will now take place for the above trophy, to which all amateurs are invited and it is to be hoped that the charms of this delightful town, together with good links, will next year attract a large number of golfers to compete in the tournament. In the first competition about 23 couples started from the tee.


The links were in capital order, the long grass had been cut close and the greens were excellent. The hazards on the course consist of stone walls, trees and artificial bunkers, a roadway which is successfully used at two holes and woe betide the golfer who gets into them or does not play straight, as sometime two or even more strokes are required to get out successfully.


The greatest interest was manifested in the day’s play and several competitors who had been staying some time in the town were looked upon as the likely winners, one or two having quite a large gallery. One of them, Mr C. Philpott of Failsworth, a young and promising golfer, was the winner, after a tie with Mr AS Medrington of Birkdale. Both Mr Philpott and Mr Medrington played a fine game, the latter tying with the record on nine holes (39) during one of his rounds and although he had to concede seven strokes in handicap to his opponent, he made a plucky bid for the prize, his weakness being principally on the greens. Mr Philpott played correct golf all through except at the fourth hole, where his cleek (4 wood or one iron) would have been more useful to carry him over the trees than a brassey (2 wood) and failing to carry the hazard, this hole cost him nine strokes.


It will be difficult to find a more charming course than the Ramsey links, although at present there are only nine holes. Each hole is full of interest. The bogey of the course is 80 and strangely enough, this score is also the record, although several times the nine holes have been done in 39. The general opinion expressed by competitors who had visited the links in former years was that there was a decided and marked improvement in the manner in which they were now kept and that everything was being done to make them as perfect as possible.




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