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Braid 5

Unusually the course opens with a really tricky par five requiring both thought and care. The drive, from an elevated tee, must avoid the water hazard right and out of bounds over the hedge left. The big hitter will no doubt drive over the ditch crossing the fairway at 220 yards most players however will lay up! The second shot needs to avoid two well placed fairway bunkers to enable approach to the green across the stream running parallel to the fairway for much of the hole. Sensible play for most is to lay up with the third shot to ensure you start your round with a nett par!


Tees - 504/497/478


Elfin 3

Even from the front men’s tee, at just 129 yards, this can be a very demanding hole. The difficulty comes chiefly from the sharply sloping two-level green which is guarded by three bunkers, one right and two left. It is rightly considered the most difficult green on the course and especially if you are on the wrong level, your putting will be severely tested. It is certainly better to be short than long with your tee shot since if you overshoot, the land falls away quite steeply from the back of the green.


Tees - 141/129/113


Claughbane 4

This is a deceptive short par four. A carefully positioned drive is needed to land on the fairway right of centre avoiding the well positioned bunkers on the left. Long hitters need to be mindful of the bunkers on the right at 250 yards. The approach is a testing one to a well contoured green that slopes away from the player. Drag your second shot and you’ll find the bunker, take too much club and you’ll run away over the back!


Tees - 304/287/268


Claddagh 4

Claddagh carries the risk of out of bounds down the right hand side over the stream separating it from the first. The drive must be straight with well-placed bunkers 235 yards (right) and 275 yards (left) to catch longer hitters whilst those with a tendency to hook could find lots of trouble in the trees left. The shot into the green is through a narrow entrance with bunkers left and right which readily gather balls just a little off line. The green is generous in size and without the undulations that several of  the Ramsey greens possess.


Tees - 385/369/362


Bahama 4

Named after the distant Bahama Bank in Ramsey Bay, it is the shortest of our par four holes and at 262 yards from the white tee it is within range for the low handicap golfer provided the stream and bunker directly in front of the green can be avoided. Most players will choose to lay up short of the water. The errant drive is faced with trees on the right or an out-of-bounds hedge to the left. Be careful not to overshoot the green since there is out-of-bounds to the left and long over the wall at the back of the green into Crossags Lane.


Tees - 262/259/258


Lane 4

Long hitters can drive the green at this short par four providing they can avoid the bunkers in front of the green at 250 yards. A water hazard runs across the fairway at 170 yards and when the wind is against this can pose a challenge for the higher handicapper. Trees can pose problems right and left whilst a good hook could find the pond by the practice ground! Don’t overclub your approach as the lane close to the back of the green is out of bounds.


Tees - 271/249/226


Lane 4(5)

Crossags is a long par four(five for ladies) often played into the prevailing wind. The Crossags Lane hedge and out of bounds runs all along the left whilst on the right trees, a lateral hedge and a cross hedge at 230 yards from the competition tee, can catch the pushed shot. So favour the left hand side of the fairway if you can. If you are going to lay up for your second shot the left side again should be preferred as the well protected green is set at an angle. A gross four at this hole is very satisfying.


Tees - 417/387/409


Beaconsfield 4

Accurate driving is essential here since cross hedges at about 200 yards present a narrow gap. Push your second shot and you will flirt with the lateral hedge and trees on the right. The approach to the long green is a demanding one as the putting surface is guarded by three bunkers, one short, one left, and one right.


Tees - 392/383/335


Crovan 3

Godred Crovan, former King of Mann, gives his name to this a long and testing par three usually played into the prevailing wind.  Bunkers left and right of the green narrow the opening to the green whilst the approach on the left is further protected by a grassy mound which recently replaced a much visited bunker. Overhit your shot to the green and you could find your ball in the hedge at the back.


Tees - 201/186/140

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