Booking a Tee Time


Direct through BRS. Search engine will find BRS site and RGC file – enter Ramsey Golf Club Isle of Man BRS.


Select Book a Tee Time then enter unique Username the Club allotted, this will be a number, along with your Password you chose when you registered with BRS. If you do not have a Username see below.


Then Book a Tee Time again, click on preferred day, chose time and hit Book now. Hit Player 1, select name. BRS will send an email confirmation to you. If you do not receive this, check on the site to ensure you have followed instructions correctly.


If you wish to enter through the Club website click on ‘Play possible only by booking through BRS’ on the landing page of the site or on widget on Member’s News opening page, this will take you to the first BRS page – follow instructions as above.



To Register for BRS

booking system


For members who do not have a Username or Password, you will have to Register. This can be done from the BRS site.


Follow site entry instructions as above until you see the first BRS Golf Booking System page – hit Click Here to Register. You will then be presented with the Members Registration Form which as a Member will have to complete.


Enter the unique Username the office has given you this is a number – if you do not have one, ring 812244 asking for a BRS username.


Complete the remainder of the form, entries including a Password of your choosing, subject to form rules.




 Ramsey Golf Club Brookfield Ramsey Isle of Man British Isles IM8 2AH



 +44 01624812244